SOPHIE BLAKE envisions and creates timeless jewelry for the modern woman. The collections explore the fine line between classic and contemporary, creating an iconic look that transcends time. 

Sophie Blake Brand

Each SB collection is a presentation of designer Sophie Blake's most personal and subconscious inspirations, from Cubist art and techniques to 1930s Art Deco design to her favorite architectural masterpieces. Every piece is expertly handcrafted in New York City using traditional jewelry making techniques and only the highest quality materials. 

Sophie herself is now based in Greater Washington DC, where she recently opened her very first flagship store in November of 2014. The store is located in Mosaic District, Virginia and has a modern and sophisticated ambiance with raw concrete floors, high ceilings and industrial fixtures. As the first retail location, the store houses the full collection alongside curated clothing and beauty merchandise by local emerging brands from DC, LA and New York.

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With an early interest in art and design, Sophie would often be found painting her neighborhood flora as a child, the remnants of which still inspire her today. Sophie graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and lived in Europe before moving to New York City where she renewed her lost passion for art and design. Later on, her keen eye for classic architectural structures and Art Deco heavily influenced her jewelry design, which began at a Manhattan studio.

Sophie’s passion for jewelry design eventually culminated into her first collection, which launched at New York’s Henri Bendel.  Sophie draws inspiration from every place and experience, capturing timeless qualities into wearable art.

Sophie was awarded with the Rising Star in Jewelry by Fashion Group International (FGI) DC in 2014.