SOPHIE BLAKE  X ARtist Elena Fay


"True Love in Three Parts"


Part One: Catching Feelings

“I know, I can’t believe I have a Valentine’s date. It’s been a while… Of course! Will keep you updated with all the juicy details. Gabi, you are the best. Love you.”

Stella slips her phone into her clutch and refocuses her attention on getting ready. Her hands shake slightly as she dons gold Danielle earrings with sandstones and a gold Camille bracelet. She stretches out her fingers and takes a deep breath. “You’ve got this,” she says to herself, before lightly dabbing a warm pink shade onto her lips from her Overnight Kit. Hm, might as well take this with me, she thinks as she slips the kit into her clutch. The lights go off and Stella heads out the door.


Camille Bracelet - 14k Gold
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